full ceremony production
  • We'll Plan and Program Music for Each Segment
             of Your Ceremony, from Prelude to Recessional

  • Low-profile speaker system that takes up little space
             and won't be a hindrance to or seen in your photos!

  • Wireless microphones provided at no charge as well
             as a Wireless Lapel Mic for the Minister or Officiant.

  • Free access to our equipment for acoustic musicians
             and videographers to achieve flawless recording!

dj by design
All photos are the property of their respective photographers, used with permission:  Bert Pohl, James Bass, Edges Photo, Solas Studios, ReBecca McManus.    All other content (c) 2012 DJ By Design, All Rights Reserved
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ceremony venue lightscaping
  • Highlight grounds, architecture or other
             building exteriors in your favorite colors.
             Makes a gorgeous background for photos

  • Accent the unique features of your venue:
             Walkways, fountains, fences and foliage...
             Ideal for gardens, barns, patios or tree lines

  • Enhance any interior with wireless lighting
             to create focal points and scenic backdrops.
             Highlight entryways, floral, drapes or decor

candid video documentary
  • We stay invisible in the background and capture
              your event from multiple angles:  Guest arrivals,
              your vows, applause - Not one moment missed!

  • Unedited clips and unstaged photos are recorded
             entirely in HD from one or two shooters.  Feel free
             to share the footage... The rights belong to you!

  • Highlights can be ready in minutes for a reception
             slideshow!  We'll process the rest and send it all
             to you on a flash drive within a few short weeks!
Scenic backdrop with
pale lavender accenting