How can you be contacted?

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How long have you been in business?

How far will you travel?

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Have you worked for other DJ services?

What if you cannot perform?


See the contact box, directly to the lower left to contact us by phone, email, or facebook.

We have countless referrals from Syracuse-based venues and wedding vendors, in addition to numerous testimonials from delighted clients from the past fifteen years.

We were founded in 1995, but became a full time wedding production cooperative in 2001.

Based in Syracuse, we cater primarily to Central New York, the Southern Tier, Fingerlakes region and beyond. But with exception to NYC, we gladly travel to all reaches of the state.

Our hosts have collectively performed at well over 2000 unique events in and around Central New York over the last twenty years.

We've performed at myriad venues, both within Syracuse and around the state. Browse our links to the left for a list of those venues we've performed at regularly over many years.

Our appreciation for music and desiring to use it to please people led us to attend vocal training, mobile DJ workshops, tradeshows and seminars, and reseach traditional wedding customs to become competent dj's, hosts & emcees. Over many years, we've become a driving force for excellence among wedding DJ's both locally and throughout the industry.

Before forming the company that would become DJ by Design, we were freelance entertainers and technical personnel for JTS Music. We were also preferred operators for other renown local DJ services such as At Your Request DJ and Black Tie Entertainment.

It is has always been our policy that with whomever you plan your event, that same person will also be your host.  Should that ever not be possible for any reason, one of our trusted partners or colleagues will be called upon to perform in our stead. He will have received and discussed your unique agenda and be equally committed to the same professional standard we adhere to. We wouldn't put the success of your event or our reputation in lesser hands.

Unlike most wedding vendors, we don't charge by the hour, we stay for as long as the venue allows!  Our base package features everything music related, while our highest grade package features all our services, including lighting, video, calligraphy and photobooth!  Package prices range from $1695 to $3995 with discounts available off season.

We do not seek to undercut our competitors in any way. We believe whole-heartedly that what we charge is fair and reasonable given the wide range of professional services we offer. Our prices may be higher or lower than some, which vary greatly depending on a DJ's level of experience, advertising costs, insurance policies and so on. We defend our rates primarily on our willingness to pull out all the stops for clients who have engaged us, meeting as many times as necessary to plan and arrange events at no extra cost, as well as no hidden fees for setup, travel, or overtime. We urge you to interview several vendors before committing so you can see the difference firsthand, and why VALUE - not price - should be the greatest factor when determining those you hire.

If you know you want a certain performer who is in-demand, there's no such thing as too early. Popular dates during peak season (April through November of each year) can fill up quickly, often a year or more in advance. We offer a convenient 'Save the Date' option for clients still unsure of their needs and budget. For $100, we will hold your date for 30 days or until another client expresses interest, contacting you only then for a decision. If you decide to book, this money goes toward your deposit, otherwise we will gladly issue you a refund minus a small consultation fee, which applies only if we traveled  to meet you in person.

The deposit guarantees that we reserve your date.  We require a minimum of $500 for packages and $250 for individual services, at least 90 days prior to the event.

We accept debit cards, cash, and all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We no longer accept checks as of May 5, 2012.

Any balance remaining is due in cash or by credit card the day prior to your event, or by check or money order no later than 14 days in advance of your reserved date.

Overtime only applies after midnight of the day of your event and can be negotiated with your individual performer at his discretion.

Our company has an annual liability policy with R. Nuccio and associates and is insured up to $1 million. Additionally, our equipment is also fully-covered against damage and theft.

We've performed at the majority of venues in Syracuse and surrounding areas. If you have sought a venue we are unfamiliar with, we will visit the premises long in advance to become acquainted with the staff and room layout so we can properly plan and tend to your event.

Things happen, and we understand. We honor New York State's Three-Day Buyer's right to cancel without any obligation. And aside from a small consultation fee beyond the initial interview, we do not impose penalties. We also allow up to 12 months to reschedule in the off chance that you need to postpone your event, based on our availabilty and discretion.


We specialize in EVERY genre ...from the Big Band era on up to what you heard on the way to work this morning. Our hits-only music library presently exceeds over 80,000 songs.

Plenty. We cater to diverse cultures and crowds, each with widely varying tastes. We've handled mixed receptions of Italian, Polish, Asian and even Arabic families!  If you cannot supply such music, we'll even obtain whatever we don't have at no additional cost!

Yes!  Introductions and announcements are as important as the music we play.  We know how to be modest, yet energetic hosts without taking the focus from where it belongs.

Appropriately for your occasion. Specify whether your event is semi-formal or formal and we'll suit up. Our crew will match the host or present themselves in complementary attire.

Of course! Conversation and atmosphere is just as important as dancing. You'll love our wide selection of cocktail and dinner music, covering every mood and tempo one could ask for.

Its up to you. We're proud to offer UNLIMITED performance time clear through to midnight of your wedding day!  We'll go for as long as you ask and as long as your venue allows!!

Approximately 12 to 15 songs an hour, on average. As a rule, being choosy about the right songs is always better than squeezing too many in. Music is a mood-setter. What you play can greatly affect, even dictate the emotion of your guests. Everyone's collective enjoyment -not necessarily hearing your favorite artist- should be your primary concern.

We'll perform consistently to the energy level you designate, building a sense of anticipation throughout the course of the entire event.  We make meaningful and deliberate use of the microphone to encourage a natural, unforced involvement from your guests.

We don't take breaks, ever. We come ready to play, and we play the entire time - even through dinner, during which we dine behind our facade, out of view.

Setup time depends largely on which options you choose. Our largest all-inclusive bridal package requires two hours minimum of on-site preparation, whereas small, music-only engagements can be ready to go in a matter of minutes.

Absolutely. We consider ourselves 'on stage' the moment we arrive. Furthermore, we'll conceal from view any and all wires and unsightly equipment long before your guests arrive.

Yes. Though it's never been necessary, we always bring a back-up of music and equipment, just in case. As it is said, we'd rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Ultimately, we cater to you -our client! But should you allow it, your guests can browse our 80,000 hits-only music library and make any requests within the boundaries you've outlined.

We keep a low profile. We bring our own table and facade if one is not ready for us when we arrive. We require two vacant outlets within 10 feet of our booth and that these be free of any other appliances running on the same circuit, which we will ensure through the contact person at the facility you've designated.


We carry a number of ambient lighting fixtures, all of which can deliver true Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Amber and White. Advanced models are capable of custom hues that we can manipulate to match your bridal colors! Each of these units can also fade back and forth between selected hues or pulse to the beat of the music.

Our smallest fixtures take up less space than a pair of shoes and can wash a 10'x10' area. These are best used to accent your cake or gift table, or perhaps underlighting table linens, brightly glowing in your choice of color(s). We also feature lighting which cascades and covers a wide area in a desired hue or delivers bright, narrow, colorful beams against neutral backdrops, pillars, archways or textured walls. We also carry a variety of effect and dancefloor lighting.

Dancefloor lighting comes standard with every package we offer. Advanced lighting comes organized into packages but is also available a la carte starting at $199. Lighting has an undeniably immense effect on the atmosphere of your event.

All of our lighting is 100% LED-based, so each unit runs cool, with no heat disbursement, posing no danger to children or articles of clothing making contact with the fixture.

All night long! LED lighting can be left on for weeks without surging or draining, so there's no concern over their duration of use at your event!

How long do I get you for
and how much do you charge?

Are your prices guaranteed?

Can I count on my
date being available?

Do you need a deposit?  How much?

What forms of payment do you take?

When is the balance due?

What does overtime cost?

Do you have insurance?

Are you familiar with my reception site?

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

What type of music do you play?

Do you carry polkas, tangos, etc?

Will you handle announcements?

How will you dress?

Will you play background
music during dinner?

How long do you play?

How many songs are played?

Do you encourage
audience participation?

Do you take breaks? For how long?

How long does it take you to set up?

Is everything ready
before guests arrive?

Do you have backup equipment?

Do you accept special requests?

Do you need a table?
What about power?


How many styles can you letter?

Can you replicate custom fonts?

Do you provide stationery?

Do you require a list to work from?

What's your turnaround time?

Do you follow traditional etiquette?

Will you make corrections?

How much do invitations cost?

What about name & table cards?

Do you do ceremony programs?

How do you charge?

What colors are available?

Where can the lights be used?

What does it cost for lighting?

Are there any hazards?

How long can the lights run?


Our calligrapher can render 14 of the most popular wedding fonts from memory: Italic, Celtic, Old English, and more. Ask for a free sample sheet of your own names!

Absolutely. Your calligrapher is capable of mimicking virtually any font you find, or working with you one-on-one to combine styles or come up with your very own unique look!

While we regularly stock the most in-demand paper, parchment, and card stocks, we never discourage clients from providing their own. Our calligrapher will explain to you what is required in order for inks to dry properly to whichever stationery you select.

Yes. Client-generated lists make it easier for our calligrapher to work quicker and more efficiently. These should be typed out in a standard line-by-line format and not placed into a spreadsheet or table as the lines and dividers can make it difficult to read and track.

We typically ask for 3-4 weeks for invitation and envelopes. Placement, seating and table cards require only half that time. Rush options are also available for a modest upcharge. During off-peak season (November through April), turnaround times are much more flexible.

While we usually follow traditional etiquette when addressing enevelopes and crafting invitations, we will always follow the preferences and instructions given to us by our clients.

Corrections are inevitable, regardless of planning, and we will always strive to accommodate. We ask that an additional 10% of blank stock (minimum) be provided for error correction, as well as unexpected guest additions.

To keep costs down, we no longer provide in-house printing. There are several locally owned print shops that we have long-established relationships with that can carry out affordable printing. Our calligrapher charges a flat hourly rate for designing custom templates for your invitations. You of course may also use any other printer you have in mind or choose to print them yourself to keep budget costs down. Carl will work with you to ensure that you can get the best quality prints of your invitations as cost-effectively as possible.

Doing names for seating cards is our specialty. It is rare that guests from our past clients ever part with our work, but usually hold on to them for years. We create highly-ornamental, sophisticated and embellished placement cards for guests and tables, many of which are more coveted than some centerpieces. Our calligrapher is always excited to provide clients with a free sample.

We design and produce a variety of stationery for weddings and other formal events. Ceremony programs, reception greetings, banquet menus -you name it.

Since each individual project has variations in detail and prep that can affect the speed of work, our services 'start at' a fixed price, beyond which, the terms are negotiated with each client. Deposit for entertainment and planning services does NOT cover creative works, as these require specialty inks, stationery and other materials that must be purchased before work begins. Such a deposit is limited to $100, plus the cost of these materials unless they are provided by the client.
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