"We had a very specific idea of what we wanted for our reception and they didn't for one second try to change our minds. Easy to work with and becoming a needed friend along the way, we couldnt have chosen anyone better!"

Christopher & Chelsy
"They met with us as often as we needed and gave us ideas we never would've thought of in a million years! They knew exactly what to do and when! I simply cannot imagine our wedding day coming together the way it did without them!"

James & Kendra
"We became acquainted with Carl when we needed seating cards after our original printer left alot to be desired.  Not only did he go above and beyond, but working with him was an absolute thrill, being equally passionate and just as excited to make things happen as we were!"

Joanne & Andrew
"By Design could not have been a better choice for us. Emails were prompt and professional. Planning was easy. And working with them was a thrill. They listened to want we wanted and delivered above and beyond in so many ways."

Peter & Laurie
"I watched as they seated our guests at our ceremony and just thought 'how nice'. And when the party started,  they got our guests up dancing in no time!  Our day flowed so smoothly... there was never a break in the fun!  Looking back, quite honestly, of all the weddings I've attended, I've never been to one as perfect as ours!"

CJ & Kera
I saw them at another wedding and they outdid themselves!  For us too! Two amazing days. Two awesome parties. We can't wait till someone else we know gets married just to see them do it again!  Our families simply can't imagine a wedding without them!"

Mike & Ashley
Its not easy for one artist to trust another, but when we asked Carl to do our calligraphy, he delivered. superbly. He also helped us arrange music and video for our private ceremony. We were in such good hands!

Colleen & Greg
"We hired a DJ and ended up with a fairy tale!  The lighting was GORGEOUS!  And while we didn't budget for it to begin with, we decided to have them do our invitations and OMG! It all came together beyond our expectations!"

Karl & Cailey
Bryan & Krysta

"As soon as we sat down, I felt like I was planning my wedding with a close friend. They had a hand in everything... invitations, music, lighting, video... MY SANITY! lol. I really can't say how our day would have gone without them. From arranging a surprise entrance to filling out the night, we owe our whole experience to Carl and his amazing staff!"
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