• Accommodates 4 to 6 guests at once!
  • Wide assortment of Stylish Party Props
  • A rustic enclosure. No tacky signs or decor
  • Unlimited high-quality thermal photostrips
  • Personalized text at the bottom of each print
  • Booth Attendant to assist guests all night long
  • Scrapbooking service with an extra set of prints
  • Guests sign the book while strips are printing
  • All originals backed up on DVD or USB Drive
  • Complimentary upload of full-res images
all-day photobooth services
candid video documentary
dj by design
All photos are the property of their respective photographers, used with permission:  Bert Pohl, James Bass, Edges Photo, Solas Studios, ReBecca McManus.    All other content (c) 2012 DJ By Design, All Rights Reserved
  • Our Most Popular Booth!
  • Open-air style. Highly visible to all.
  • Includes a selection of Fun Party Props
  • Completely Automated and Easy to use!
  • Photos are uploaded to an album online...
  • Choose to make public or password protected
  • Download full-size originals at highest resolution
  • No prints saves time to accommodate more guests!
  • Features an experienced studio photographer
  • Allows for a variety of creative angles and poses
  • Replacing technology with human interaction!
  • Includes an assortment of stylish party props
  • Shots are shared instantly to subject's phones
  • A duplicate of every shot is saved for the couple
  • Download full-size originals at highest resolution!
  • On-the-spot printing services are also available...
CANDID DOCUMENTARY           $1199

CANDID CINEMA           $1799